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Cakes for Any Occasion

At Avanti, we make cakes for any occasion. From wedding and engagement cakes, to children’s and birthday cakes for grown-ups, we have the knowledge and method to ensure a truly delectable end result is achieved.

Furthermore, we design our cakes especially for your occasion. Weddings, engagements and birthdays are significant milestones that should be remembered for a lifetime. The cutting of a cake is usually the crescendo of an occasion, so the cake must create wow-factor and lasting memories for all attendees.

Our uniquely handcrafted cakes can even capture the personalities of the people they are made for. We have handcrafted cakes based on people’s jobs, hobbies, loves, sporting team preferences and artistic tastes. We will also custom make colours and source the most appropriate decorations to ensure that the end product adheres to original customer requirements – this is what custom design is all about.

Looks are very important and we understand the lasting impression that a glamorous, elegant and prestigious cake can make. Strong attention to detail ensures that the end product exceeds customer expectations.

Taste is just as important, our delicious cakes are baked using the freshest of ingredients and will satisfy the fussiest of eaters.